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Daifuku Airport Technologies is a leading global provider of end-to-end baggage handling solutions, offering an unparalleled network of expertise and support from project conception through to system maintenance. Our leading-edge technology continues to revolutionize airport operations around the world, enhancing the productivity, accuracy and passenger service levels of our partners, and creating a seamless airport journey for their passengers.

We understand that baggage handling systems are mission-critical within the airport terminal environment, and ensure the software solutions we deliver are reliable, efficient and scalable for future growth. Our entire software suite has been designed with an intuitive user interface, can be adapted across any airport environment and features integrated redundancy architecture, providing unparalleled system resilience for day-to-day operations.

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Daifuku's check-in conveyors are designed to increase efficiency, minimize maintenance and improve overall service at ticketing counters.

Our security screening solutions facilitate the efficient sortation of passenger baggage while maintaining high-levels of security.

We provide a dynamic range of conveyor and baggage carousel solutions to meet the demands of all airport terminal environments.

Our Early Bag Storage System enhances the efficiency with which baggage make-up activities can be managed.

We are a leading global provider of efficient, high-speed solutions for the transportation and sortation of passenger bags.

Our dedicated global team of engineers continues to develop industry-leading SCADA, maintenance and diagnostic software solutions.

Our integrated baggage handling control systems are the most advanced BHCS throughout airports worldwide.


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