Case Study

Schiphol Airport

Redefining the security screening process


Security screening presents one of the most stressful points in the passenger journey. Schiphol Airport partnered with Daifuku to revolutionise their security screening processes, enhancing system efficiency and passenger comfort while further improving security compliance.


month deployment


direct destinations


passengers processed in 2018


Checkpoint Screening key features

  • 67 Smart Security Lanes (SSL)
  • Integrated Smith Heimann aTiX and remote x-ray analysis
  • Leading-edge screening software that automatically detects threats
  • Meets the highest EU and TSA standards
  • CT scanners integrate seamlessly with SSL and remote screening solutions

Unparalleled efficiency

Our advanced security screening software automatically identifies potential threats, providing a live, interactive 3D image for analysis purposes. The use of 3D technology also allows passengers to leave liquids, gels, aerosols and electronics in their bags at all times, dramatically enhancing passenger throughput.

“You should take a look at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where they invented a new way to accelerate the flow at the security check-in. This is amazing.”

Hans de Boer — Chairman of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers


Enhanced passenger throughput

The integration of Daifuku’s SSLs provides a range of additional benefits for passengers, including the ability to screen passengers parallel to their carry-on baggage. This facilitates a fast flow of operations and significantly reduces wait times. An in-built diverter automatically separates approved and rejected baggage post-screening, allowing security agents to spend the required time on potential risks.

Schiphol’s updated security screening system consisted of 67 SSLs that processed 79.2 million passengers in 2018, dramatically reducing passenger wait times while enhancing operational efficiency.


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