Case Study

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport T3

Supporting the Advancement of Central China’s Largest Airport


Wuhan Tianhe International Airport opened a new terminal in 2017, Terminal 3, which required a baggage handling system (BHS) capable of not only meeting anticipated growth, but bringing about improved tracking and ensuring CAAC compliance.


domestic passengers during 2018


combined TTS hourly baggage processing capacity


bags processed since install

Wuhan’s Tilt Tray Sorter key features:

  • Induction flow rate of 1 in 2 trays
  • Standard tray pitch of 1200mm
  • Spiral bend radius of 3.65m
  • Fully enclosed track
  • Fitted with hot standby PLC based controls system
  • Maximum incline/decline angle of 10°
  • Integrated cable routing
  • Maximum single tray load of 60kg


Successfully managing high volumes during peak periods

Since installation was completed in 2017, the airport has processed over 3.15 million bags (as at June 2019) and has successfully managed volumes during peak seasons. The installed system also provides the capacity for up to 40 million passengers per year, ensuring the airport can meet expected future growth. The installed system successfully manages volumes during peak season.


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