Nov 22, 2019 • 2 min read

Airport Business Magazine 2019 40 Under 40

by Cassandra McAllister

Daifuku Airport Technologies is proud to announce that Joe Emery has received the prestigious Airport Business Top 40 Under 40 2019 award.

Airport Business Magazine 2019 40 Under 40

Each year, The Airport Business Magazine showcases the aviation industry’s top talent and leaders in their “40 Under 40” showcase. These individuals are recognized — by both their companies and the industry as a whole — for building success today, as well as for innovations for the future. Winners were nominated and assessed on ‘innovation’, ‘outstanding attributes’, and ‘commitment and involvement in the industry’. This year, Daifuku Airport Technologies is proud to announce that Joe Emery has received this prestigious award.

Joining Daifuku’s Jervis B. Webb Company in 2007, Joe began his career as a mechanical engineer. Since then, Joe has been promoted to his current position: Senior Sales Application Engineer, where he has been a huge asset to Daifuku’s Airport Technologies division.

Joe has established himself as a leader known for always offering a helping hand to his peers and colleagues. Whenever there is something that needs extra support, he is the first to help. Joe is also well versed in cutting-edge baggage handling technology. This includes using innovative Mobile Inspection Tables (MIT) in CBRA applications, which provide the TSA with improved ergonomics and efficiency.

In addition, Joe has spoken as a subject matter expert on baggage handling innovations at several conferences, including the 2019 Passenger Terminal Expo and the International Association of Baggage System Companies (IABSC).

Incredibly versatile, Joe often juggles multiple projects at once. He is an expert in designing baggage handling systems (BHS), where he contributes conceptual design layouts, reviews alternates, and consistently identifies cost savings for our airline and airport customers. In fact, Joe always puts our customers first and promotes value-adding solutions to airline operations.

Joe’s BHS knowledge can be found at many of the largest airports in North America. He was responsible for the design of the first MIT system in North America at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The loyalty Joe shows to both his company and the industry is evident through the dedication and commitment to his work. He knows that the smallest things can make the biggest impact, so he focuses on every detail and ensures nothing gets missed.

Congratulations Joe for receiving this award. We are proud to have you as part of the Daifuku Airport Technologies Team. Additionally, we’d like to offer a sincere congratulations to each of the 2019 winners. We truly value your contributions to the industry. See the full list of winners.

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